Hologram Sticker with hidden text or image

There're two kinds of hidden text or images available for hologram sticker. This two kinds of

hidden features increase hologram sticker security capability agaist counterfeit strongly.

First type of hiddnen text in side hologram sticker is laser readable hidden text(image), which

also called laser beam hidden text. This kind of hidden text of image on hologram sticker just

can be seen with help of laser pointer (laser reading pen). Another type hologram hidden text called

Morse Hidden/Mole hidden text which has to see hidden text with help of Decode film. We can

read simple text of image once we cover some area of sticker by this piece of Decode film.


Laser readable hidden text(image)

Laser readable hidden text 'SE'. You can see this hologram hidden text 'SE' on paper.

The 'SE' letter is reflected out from hologram sticker and displayed on white paper when

we using the laser pointer to identify this unique graphics by trained personal.

Laser readable hidden 'SIE' on hologram sticker. The 'SIE' text is reflected out on white paper.

Laser readable hidden on small hologram master text 'JIH'. The 'JIH' is reflected out

Laser reader(Laser pointer)



Mole(Morie) hidden text/image or Raster effect, is a hidden effect which also called Moore Effect or Morie Effect.

This photo is hologram sicker without decode film to cover it on.

It's morie decode film

We can see hidden text displayed when we cover Mole Decode film onto hologram sticker. The hidden

text is 'SECURE'. When you remove the Decode film, the word 'SECURE' disappeared

This dot-matrix hologram sticker has two kind of hidden text recombine together




How to design hidden text(image) in your artwork

To make hidden text into hologram sticker, what's you have to do is just show us what's kind of

hidden text(image) you want in your customized design, then we shoot it into hologram master origination.

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